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What's the best thing about being alive? It's exploring the world around you, from the hidden to the wild. Join us at 8BitExploring, a YouTube channel for people looking for a fun, casual, and educational look at abandoned places.

⚜︎ Urbex Locations: Europe's Abandoned Secrets ⚜︎

Explore the history of photography and the many different styles of abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ★★★★☆

Abandoned Places is a photographic exploration of the abandoned structures that have become the new face of urban exploration. Combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration, the lands around abandonment have become the new face of urban exploration.

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Best urbex locations for travelling ★★★★☆

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration with Abandonedplaces.com.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe.

Abandoned places are exciting settings for city explorers. Other terms for urban explorations are urban exploration, urban exploration architecture, urban exploration architecture photography, and urban exploration photography.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

One of the main attractions of Urban Exploration is the possibility to explore the most breathtaking, strange, and abandoned places around Europe, find out about their history, and view the most amazing things that have ever.

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A new way to see history.

Create an Airbnb abandoned places list, with every listing being hosted on Airbnb.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Memories

The Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration quests showcase photos that explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Explore abandoned and lost places ★★★★★

Abandoned places from all over the world. Discover the histories of those with History as your new best friend.

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Uncovering history in abandoned places.

Explore the histories of abandoned places and urban exploration with photos.

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Abandoned Places in Europe

Abandoned Places is a collection of abandoned buildings, abandoned places and a curious blend of beautiful scenery, culture and architectural history. This online video show shares with you the beauty of the most astonishing abandoned buildings left behind, which have been featured in these short.

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⛔ Explore abandoned and lost places. ⛔

Explore photos and the histories of abandoned places.

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Explore a Tour of Abandoned Places in Europe.

Abandoned places are full of mysteries, adventures, and intriguing stories. We explore old industrial buildings, run-down warehouses, ghost towns, and anything else around Europe that is rumored to be haunted, abandoned, or just forgotten.

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⚜︎ Gives you access to abandoned places ⚜︎

Explore photos of Abandoned Places and historic urban exploration of your favorite cities.

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⛔ Abandoned places and urban explorations ⛔

Explore the depths of abandoned places all over the world. Start exploring today!.

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Explore new abandoned places near you. ★★★★★

Abandoned Places Photos Websites - Photos of abandoned buildings taken by urban explorers.

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Browse through abandoned places on our website ⚜︎

Hauntings abound in the abandoned places of southern Missouri! Relics of colonial, modern, and ancient history are abandoned, forgotten, and repurposed in the ancient ruins of the Ozarks. Where darkness and the unknown, meet the light and.

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Find out what really happens in abandoned places.

In Europe, there are thousands of abandoned and lost places that have been abandoned for a reason - typically because the owners have died or abandoned it or because it has been taken over by authorities. In this channel, we explore lost and abandoned places around Europe and share the history of the site and why it was abandoned.

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Explore abandoned places around the world. ★★★★★

From abandoned battleships to abandoned mansions, the following were some beautiful abandoned places taken by LonesomeGhost.

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See the best places and get detailed information

Find Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration’s photos and histories.

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A book about incredible abandoned places

Abandoned Places is a travel blog that features pictures of abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration from around the world.

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Discover the stories behind abandoned places ⚜︎

Some abandoned places, like abandoned buildings, can provide an opportunity for exploring the history of their life before abandonment. The journey provides the opportunity for exploring the daily routines of the past, like exploring abandoned homes.

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Explore Abandoned Places for Free ★★★☆☆

Explore Abandoned Places. Experience a true forgotten history.

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